This is a legal requirement – BS EN 1090 – CE marking of structural metalwork

United Kingdom and European Union Law

N & J Fabs have been proactive in putting in place the BS EN 1090 certification to ensure we meet the law and provide our clients with products that are fit for purpose under this directive.

This is a legal requirement

As of July 1st 2014 steel structural metal components or kits that have been either made in the UK or imported, must comply with the CE marking requirements. The harmonised European standard that applies to structural metalwork is BS EN 1090 and it is now a criminal offence to supply structural metalwork after the 1st of July 2014 unless it conforms to this standard and carries a legitimate CE mark. N & J Fabs Ltd have this certification.

The aim of the directive is to harmonize the safety performance of construction products across the EU and it applies to anything placed on the market. This will be costly for businesses that do not comply with the directive. Those businesses that are discovered to be supplying structural metalwork without a legitimate CE approval will be unable to trade during the long period of time needed to implement BS EN 1090 and those businesses will have to carry the cost of any product recalls and fines. In severe cases we understand that Directors may also be imprisoned.

N & J Fabs will provide the necessary designs, calculations, drawings, (including any tolerances) type of weld, material requirement and calibration of all of our equipment. Our fabricators are coded to specific requirements suitable to our capabilities.

We trust that our quality approvals under this directive gives you confidence and peace of mind in selecting N & J Fabs as your preferred supplier to manufacture your products.

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